Danica + Milton | Bohemian Barn Wedding

What happens when two lovebirds who met at Burning Man get married? The most community driven wedding we have ever been a part of. Friends of the couple donated their time for projections, lighting, and music... the rings were passed around to EVERY wedding guest before Danica + Milton gave them to one another. This wedding really felt like home for all involved.

One of my favorite things about Stone Tavern Farm is that you can make the space as big or as small as you want by moving around the massive hay bales. In this case, we blocked the bathrooms with them. If you know us, that doesn't surprise you! We then added some string lights to give it a warmer feel. With a limited budget, we were able to make a big impact on the tables by renting mismatched glassware from Octavia + Brown Vintage Rentals. I love the look it gave the barn, and it made the colors in the small floral arrangements really pop.